Sunday, March 4, 2012

Starting with 0 -nothing at all

First post and it is about nothing or let's say "the power of nothing". By nothing i mean nothing at all. In mathematics, it is Zero.

Zero means nothing at all and yet, it is needed.

Ever heard of x + y = 0.....let us use the equation in real life. We use this equation to find x or y if one of the alphabet values are given by equaling them to zero. you can't find x or y without zero in this equation. This is a equation of addition. Addtion of someone else in your life. As you know, everything is love and love is created from nothing at all.
Both x anad y are unknown and how two unknowns find each other.
well, X knows himself/herself and y knows himself/herself. They have values in themselves but they don't know who y is and who x is. The main thing is that they should know about themselves. if x being a boy knows himself and will go to zero for help....y remains on the other side. x finds it by giving himself to zero. Zero being the most important and humble thing in the world. It is just a circle of life.

Let x be You and y be your girlfriend/Boyfriend/Life partner. 

You are alone and need a life partner/gf/bf. You need to look for him/her. You want to add y or x to you. Where do you ask the help from? the answer is Zero. 

First of all, you will have to believe both you and your partner belong to nothing which is zero. remember, you don't yet know who he/she is?

To find who your life partner is, you will have to give yourself to zero so you can find the all important y.

Y(the all important life partner) = 0 - X(you)

It is equally same for the other one to do the same. Giving up every inch of yourself to god for your love.

In a way, you subtract it from the nothing which is everything that this world is made of.

This world is essentially made up of nothing at all. We still don't know how the first thing is created. If there was a big bang then who created the big bang. Where did the point of big bang came from? nobody knows so nothing is the key that's why zero is very important.

While meditating, we are told to empty our mind which means again of zero.

So, Let zero be God and see how mathematical equations work in real life.

For your life partner, you will have to get to the side of zero/god so as to find the all important y in terms of equation of addition.

the answer of the equation is x= minus y and y = -x. To put in words, it will always be the opposite of you. Different in nature from you. 

In modern society, people have so many marriages, divorces, girlfriends, boyfriends but there is only one LIFE TIME partner. A partner with which you spend most of the life's time with. You could have a thousand different relations but only one true love which you find from believing in nothing and hence the power of zero.